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We are very careful to state what you need to apply for one of the jobs that we have.

You need to ensure that you meet those requirements.

If we put that we need Michelin Star experience and you apply without that experience on your CV, we cannot help you.

If you stay less than one year in most of your positions, again we cannot help you.

If we say that we need 3 years previous experience as a sous chef and you have not had 3 years experience, we cannot help.

Sadly a lot of the CV's we receive fail to meet the brief and we have to concentrate on those that do. However if you state that you fall short for a reason, we may be able to consider you for that position, or maybe another one that we hold and then we will contact you for sure.


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Below are 3 links to sites, that have published after a press release done for us By Yachting Pages, the Yellow Pages of the yacht world.
Nearly 10 years ago we were asked to find a Michelin Star trained chef for a Superyacht.

Recently, quite by chance, we became engaged to find similar chefs, for four yachts, in as many weeks, including the original yacht. Clearly they must have worn the first one out after so many years at sea!

We have, subject to contract and start date on one, placed three. The fourth is not yet over either. The owner, a major player in the world of cuisine and cooking has just flown one of his own contacts out to the United States for a trial and if that does not work out our applicant is next.

That yacht has already recommended Gladstone Park Chefs to a new build in the yard where their yacht is being refurbished.


Whether you are a chef or a superyacht you will definitely find what you are looking for at Gladstone Park Chefs

What do I need for Chefs Jobs on Cruise Ships or Luxury Yachts?

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WHAT DO I NEED FOR CHEF JOBS ON CRUISE SHIPS OR LUXURY YACHTS? Before we start, we would like you to know that we have a 100% record in placing Michelin Star trained chefs on Super Yachts and we now have an associate company, that is one of the leading suppliers of personnel to the cruise ship market and they serve the majority of the leading, luxury cruise fleets. There are many rules and regulations, so we shall explain the prerequisites for working at sea. Once you have read them, if you feel that you might qualify, send your CV in the first place to and confirm that you meet all of the criteria below. Please ensure that your CV has a good, modern photograph on it, as appearance is paramount and a picture can be your passport to securing a position at sea.

How Fine is your CV for those coveted chefs Jobs

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YOU MAY BE A GOOD FINE DINING CHEF BUT YOUR CV NEEDS TO BE JUST AS FINE You know that face to face, especially if a trial is concerned, that you will be at the top of the shortlist but what if you never actually get to the interview stage? It is no good being one of the best, if you do not create opportunities for others to know about you. Yes, social media is blinding and will get you openings but you will still need to send that CV first and that is what you will be initially judged on. If it is a mess, you will be sending a mental impression of a dirty kitchen, whereas what you really need and want to do is display your very best plated work and before I help you to understand what we and our clients are looking for on a CV, do not be shy about sending a few pictures of some of your best work. I would also suggest that you consider using a picture of yourself on the actual CV itself. It may sound crazy but the best chef jobs really do often go to the chefs with the best CV’s. We have already spoken about perceptions of your kitchen because of bad CV’s. It is just as bad as going along to an interview with dirty jeans and worn out trainers. If you really want those important chef jobs then work smart and ensure that your CV and you both look the part. CV TEMPLATES You may wish to use a CV template but if you do be very careful as to what you choose. Euro Pass is one such template. Looks fine, looks neat but it is usually very difficult to extrapolate information from.
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