About Us

Gladstone Park Chefs is a specialist job recruitment company for chefs who think of cooking as more of a passion that a profession.

That is why many of my clients are good friends too. Look me up on Facebook. While there join the CHEF'S TRUST if that is what you are about too!



" I don't just look for any chef job for you. I think about you, your career and your future, sometimes even more than you yourself. I would rather fail to find you something than put you into a position that would damage your career and your future and if you are a client the same principle applies I will only send applicants that I believe to be totally suited to the position and that sometimes means sending nobody"

  We also do front of house such as Sommeliers, Chefs de Rang, Maitre d's, so long as it is closely related to supporting the production of fine food.

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